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EAI International Conference on Smart Cities as Socio-Technical Systems

November 29–30, 2017 | Helsinki, Finland


·         Keynote session

·         Session A

·         Session B

·         Session C

·         Session D

·         Panel session 

Systems of system. Resilience, security and vulnerability  (Session A):

• system of systems concepts, resilience and vulnerability;

• socio-technical systems’ concepts, vulnerability assessment, resilience;

• systems of systems’ vulnerability;

• critical infrastructure, transport, environmental and health monitoring networks as socio-technical systems of systems.

• systems of systems’ security;


Urban socio-technical systems, management, monitoring, decision support and situational  awareness   (Session B):

• socio-technical urban and regional systems;

• decision science and technologies for city planning and management;

• interfaces to experimental platforms and Urban Living Labs for data collection and validation of models;


Modelling and simulations (Session C):

• modelling, simulation, and prototyping of complex socio-technical systems of systems

• system dynamics applicable to city resilience and urban metabolism;

• agent-based simulation applicable to city resilience and urban metabolism;


Operations, optimization and algorithms (Session D):

• operational research;

• optimization methods and algorithms;

• adaptive fault tolerant control;




·         Session C

·         Session D

·         Panel session